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New attractive look for your products by

ISCENT Sustainable Luxury films and Paper

ISCENT produces holographic-like and haptic images for plastic-based and fibre-based film materials with its’ state-of-the art film surface modification technology. ISCENT products are suitable for mass production and can be integrated into existing printing presses - cost effectively without any extra inks, metals, or laminations on films!

ISCENT directly supplies innovative film materials for specific custom projects e.g. in fast moving consumer goods sector, and licenses its technology to large scale vertical market producers.

ISCENT offers holographic-like and haptic textures to packages with

  1. BulletFood compatible solutions

  2. BulletNo additional materials

  3. BulletCost effective and compact process

  4. BulletWide-web roll-to-roll production applicable in printing and converting  processes