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Iscent Press Release for Drupa 2012


New mass produced ecological light scattering films for plastics, paper and carton introduced by technology provider ISCENT and machine manufacturer Uteco

ISCENT and Uteco are introducing printable holographic-like film – without adding any chemicals, metals or laminations on the films! Tailored optical eye-catching or hidden effects can be produced on various substrates such as plastics, paper and carton. An Innovative manufacturing process enables a cost-effective and environmentally friendly end product.

ISCENT Light Scattering Technology allows plastic and paper wrappings, magazines, carton and plastic packages, cards, se well as leisure and interior decorating products to be given an attractive new look. The technology is suitable for mass production and can be integrated into existing printing presses. Applications of the technology include the ability to label genuine brand products with a technical solution that is difficult to counterfeit. Printers can reduce the use of inks with this method, and advertising agencies can create striking packages that are environmentally friendly. The technology is also suitable for thermoformed 3D forms, injection-moulded plastic products.

As commercial holographic technologies are based on metal foiling or coatings, laminated structures and UV curable varnishes, with the ISCENT Light Scattering Technology, none of these will be needed, nor will any other extra materials. The rainbow colours are generated simply by altering the topography of the plastic or paper surface being treated. The ISCENT’s process is based on a hot embossing technology where tailored optical lattice design on the main roller is copied to the web by the heat and pressure.

Iscent Oy, a technology developer and provider, is offering the technology jointly with Uteco Converting S.p.A., a recognized global leader in the manufacture of printing presses and converting equipment. THE NEW PRODUCT: specially designed production machinery with the capacity to produce end product up to 1,200 mm wide, which will open up a completely new range of business opportunities, enabling large-volume product lines thanks to minimised raw material costs.

ISCENT Oy, based in Finland, was founded in 2011 with the objective of commercialising a new, high-quality optical effect film material, mass produced by hot embossing. ISCENT is a spin-out from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. ISCENT supplies film materials to companies and licenses its technology to converting industry of film materials.

Uteco Converting S.p.A. is a recognized global leader in the manufacture of printing presses and converting equipment. Uteco provides innovative technical solutions for its presses, laminators, and special configuration presses for highly sophisticated printing and packaging applications.

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