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Iscent Oy, Cellogram Oy and KCF aim together to the global consumer markets with environmental and food safe iridescent technology


Environmental and food safe Iridescent Printing Technology takes its first global steps for consumer packaging and for brand protection

Known from its convenience in mass production and its ecological iridescent printing press technology, Iscent Oy has started cooperation with Cellogram Oy which produces and sells ecological wrapped by hand cellophane products. Due to this cooperation this in the light rainbow colours gleaming pattern cellophane will be available for consumers in the markets shelves in autumn 2016.

Early 2016 Iscent also made their first technology license agreement with KCF (Korea Computer Form) in East Asia. The aim is to build a cost effective security feature in packages and printing media.

Iscent produces and sells iridescent films to protect brands and to increase the attraction of packages. Typical applications are for example chocolate, coffee, alcohol, sweets and cosmetics. The brand and design companies exploit Iscents iridescent technology especially as brand products wrapping material and as laminated in flexible packages or overlaminated structures. Iridescent effect surprises the consumer especially in spot light and in sun light to make the package elegant and to protect the product. Authenticity is secured by printing microcodes in the packages that can only be read with a magnifying device.

The holographic film material based on refraction is a cost-effective solution because the production method can be integrated directly to the printing press lines they are using. The environmental friendliness is based on the fact that the hologram is produced without additives by changing the printed surfaces similar nanoscales "valleys and hills".
-In the future, new product innovations are in pipeline also in technical advanced structures and functional printing - the contract with KCF in Korea gives dynamics for new product launches, says Jaakko Raukola, the CEO of Iscent.

Cellogram introduces their holographic cellophane, for the first time to the international markets in the department of Iscent, in one of the world’s most important graphic and printing press industries fair Drupa during 31.5.-10.6.2016. Iscent is one of Finland's six companies that are participating in the fair.

-This is a remarkable step for us because we have exclusivity to sell consumers Iscent's patented ecological iridescent effect produced in gift and flower wraps, states Samuel Soini, the Business director of Cellogram.

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Iscent Oy action consists of three manifolds: to international brand manufacturers directed self made light scattering package wraps and laminate films, contract manufacturing to printing press companies and technology licensing together with the cooperation partners.

Cellogram Oy, founded in 2014 is a company that produces and sells cost-effectively and ecologically made distinct gift and flower wrappings. In addition the company offers custom-made prints to resellers and end users of cellophane products.

KCF (Korea Computer Form) -. Leading Computer Form Printing Market in Korea with a Creative & Innovative, stable Productive Capacity of All Kind of Computer Form Printing,